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Piranha3 12k, 23 khz, Rectangular

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Piranha3 12k, 23 khz, Rectangular

Piranha3 Series: Piranha3 12k, 23 khz, Rectangular

The Piranha3 12k cameras take imaging to a new level with eight outputs running at 40 MHz and a line rate up to 23.5 kHz.

More detail. Fewer cameras.

The camera‰ۡó»s 12k resolution surpasses the resolution of any other line scan camera, delivering more detail with fewer cameras in a multi-camera system for measurable cost savings. When you use fewer cameras, you use fewer framegrabbers, lenses, computers and cables. Additional system cost-savings stem from the Piranha3‰ۡó»s superior sensor alignment accuracy, high responsivity and 5 micron pixel pitch which minimizes the cost of optics. The Piranha3 family delivers the lowest price/pixel system solution.

More programmability than ever before.

A Camera Link interface ensures easy integration of the Piranha3 into existing systems. With a selectable number of taps, bit depth, and Camera Link mode, the Piranha3 cameras are extremely flexible. Other programmable features include flat field correction, exposure control, and gain and offset control.


  • First 12k (5 µm) line scan camera available world wide.
  • Line rate up to 23.5 kHz
  • 320 MHz throughput (8x40 MHz)
  • 100% fill factor
  • ̴å±50 µm sensor alignment accuracy
  • High responsivity
  • Flat field correction
  • RoHS compliant
  • Two mechanical form factors (rectangular P3-80 or "square" P3-87) offer variety of mounting options
  • Resolution: 12288
  • Data Rate: 320 MHz
  • Max. Line/Frame Rate: 23.5 kHz
  • Pixel Size: 5 x 5 µm
  • Data Format: 8, 12 bit
  • Output: Med, Full Camera Link
  • Lens Mount: M72 x 0.75
  • Responsivity: 44 / 27 DN/(nJ/cm̴_) broadband @ +10 dB
  • Dynamic Range: 54 dB
  • Nominal Gain Range: ̴å±10 dB
  • Size: 150 x 42 x 80 / 85 x 54.2 x 80 mm
  • Mass: <630 g / <125 g
  • Operating Temp: 10 ̴åÁC to 50 ̴åÁC
  • Power Supply: 12 V to 15 V
  • Power Dissipation: <15 W
  • Regulatory Compliance: CE, RoHS
  • Control: MDR26 Camera Link
  • Data: Shared with control
  • Power: Hirose HR10 6 pin

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